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Empowering people to secure, control, and monetize
what they already inherently own- their health data.

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The TimiHealth Ecosystem

Give you the Freedom to Own & Control Your Data

Own Your Health Data

Take control of your data

Download and synchronize your health data in one place.

TimiDNA Application

Our platform is distinct, exceptionally secure, and built for users with a range of needs and tech experience. The fact that it is built on blockchain technology means it is immutable, and makes sharing data both easy and safe.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Powered Technology,
Solving Interoperability

TimiHealth utilizes the Stellar blockchain and Hyperledger protocol to provide stakeholders and patients with state of the art technology.

Your Data, Your Benefits

The Benefits

Own, Control & Monetize your health data. Peace of mind with user
authenticity, data availability, and personal information privacy.

Timi EMR

Our Electronic Medical Record provides complete security of health records anywhere in the world. The secure cloud platform for all health data.

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