Redeem Your TDNA Guide

Send your TDNA to your web wallets and perform the conversion process.


1. Web Wallet

Visit the web wallet link and Login


2. Stellar Token Icon

Once logged in, click on the Stellar Token icon on the navigation menu.


3. Send Stellar XLM

Copy the address given and transfer 2 XLM (Stellar Lumens) tokens to the address.

Need Stellar XLM? Use one of Coinbase to obtain Stellar.

Redeem My TDNA!


4. Click Redeem

Once the 2 XLM tokens are received, click on the REDEEM button and your TDNA will be ready.


5. Confirm Transactions

Click on Transactions to confirm that the process was completed.


6. Ready to Go!

Your Timiwallet is now ready! Send and receive funds with your wallet.