Your Virtual Healthcare Network

Evolve the way you deliver convenient care.

Simplicity and Convenience

  • Healthcare Solution

    Connecting you with your patients to deliver vital healthcare experiences in real-time, from anywhere and on any device.

  • Appointment Scheduling

    Simply share your private Virtual Network link with your Patients or allow your Patients to pick from a list of your available times and days.

  • Custom Questions

    Manage your intake questions for patients to answer before they consult with you. Add and delete questions according to your needs.

  • Accept Crypto Payment

    Along with accepting credit or debit cards with PayPal, you can offer your patients the option to pay with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

  • Private Mode

    All Providers are placed into a global database that patients can search. Private Mode hides you from the global database so that only your patients can have access to you.

  • Excellent Support

    We are always available to help you have a smooth experience.

Everything you need to deliver convenient care to your patients.

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No Monthly Fees, No Long-term Commitments

Start your Virtual Healthcare Network and never pay monthly fees or be held to any long-term contracts. Peace of Mind.

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Network Activation

100 THT

Stake THT Tokens in your Timi Wallet to activate your TimiCare Network.

  • Live Video Consults
  • Online Scheduling
  • No monthly fees
  • No long-term commitments

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help?

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How much does your service cost?

Prices can vary by Provider. Patients pay on a by visit basis and can pay using TimiCare's native platform token THT. Options to pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or with a Credit/Debit Card will also be available. TimiCare is currently not available for Healthcare Providers or Patients located in the United States. If you are Provider, you simply must have 100 THT in your TimiWallet to activate your Virtual Healthcare Network.

How do I get started?

You can access the TimiCare Platform with any mobile device, tablet, and or laptop/desktop device. Patients can create an account here and select from a list of available Providers. If you are a Provider, you can register your Virtual Healthcare Network here.

Do you offer International visits?

We only allow International visitors to utilize the TimiCare Platform. TimiCare is currently not available for Healthcare Providers or Patients located in the United States.

Do I need WIFI to use TimiCare?

Although we do recommend you use WIFI for the best possible experience, it is not required to use our service. As long as your connection is 4G or LTE, then you should be fine. If you do experience connection issues, you can simply switch to audio-only, when connected to a Provider, and your connection will improve.

No Monthly Fees, No Long-term Commitments

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