If you've ever had your DNA genetics tested, you're sitting on something incredibly valuable ...

Genetics testing has become more popular than ever, thanks to new technology. But that comes at a price--not just the price you pay to get your genetics tested...

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Paying You

But these corporations are not paying you for your data.

That’s right; the money goes to the DNA testing companies instead. And did you know they may keep your data for up to ten years? In fact, in 2018, a large DNA testing company sold their user data to a pharmaceutical giant for $300 million. The truth is, that’s only one deal of many!

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But what if you could get paid directly for your DNA data, and not some corporation? 

You used to have no control over your data... up until now.

With TimiDNA

You have full control of your DNA genetics data.

You Control Your Data

TimiDNA is a web app that safely and anonymously stores your DNA genetics data, so no one can see it, touch it, or sell it on your behalf.

Sell with No Worries

Most importantly, you can sell your data anonymously to other companies in the TimiDNA web app.

Get Paid Directly

Researchers, marketing firms, and pharmaceutical companies who need DNA genetics data can now pay you for your data directly through TimiDNA.

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That means you earn money from your data, instead of some DNA testing company.

Don’t let the large companies take advantage of you anymore. Now you can control your genetics data and make money from it.

Plus, TimiDNA also keeps your DNA genetics data safe from companies and institutions who would benefit from knowing your genetic information. You don’t want insurance companies to see your genetics data--they could potentially deny policies based on what they know about you.

That’s why TimiDNA stores your data using blockchain technology, making it nearly impossible for anyone to access or hack into.

The first step is to sign up for a TimiDNA account and upload your data. It’s completely free to get started and available for your mobile device:

How TimiDNA Works

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Upload your DNA data

Your data is then tokenized and stored in the blockchain.

Transaction Ledger Distribution

Your data is stored across a network of secured computers.

Blockchain Distribution

Provides stakeholders and patients with state of the art technology.

24/7 Verification

Our network of computers constantly checks and verifies information with each other.

Secure and Safe access

You can access your data at any time and control who can see it (or not).


If you opt-into selling your data, your rewards are stored into a blockchain wallet, called Timi Wallet.